Seamless Sports Leggings

$18.99 $43.99
Color: Soft Grey



Material :60.5%Polyamide 33.6%Polyester 5.9%Spandex
FIT tight
Use, running, Pilates, pole exercise and other equipment exercises
1. Seamless weaving process, delicate and delicate nude feeling, after the whole moisture absorption and perspiration of the whole moisture absorption and perspiration, so that the fabric is more comfortable and breathable to make the fabric more comfortable and breathable!
2. Waist soft skinny elastic band with soft waist and skin-friendly elastic band, not only provides sufficient strength to support but also the contrast color of the contrast color
The product highlights the brand's culture and highlights the brand's culture. It also breaks the boringness caused by the single color of the whole garment. It also breaks the dullness and youthfulness brought by the single color of the whole garment.
3. The texture of the one-piece texture is integrated, and the peach hips are rendered more stereo feeling!!

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