Seamless Long Slim Fit Sleeve

$19.99 $39.99
Color: Soft Grey

Uses for yoga, running, Pilates, pole sports and other equipment exercises


1. Seamless weaving process, delicate and bare, after the whole moisture wicking blessing, make the fabric more comfortable and breathable!
2. One-piece texture, the waist curve of the chest and the outline of the chest are more 3D.
3. The soft elastic band of the hem is not only provided with sufficient strength support, but also the design of the contrast color, which highlights the brand's
Culture also breaks the dullness of the whole color of the whole clothes, and is more lively and dynamic!
4. The elastic band of the cuff echoes the webbing of the waist hem, echoing the color, and the overall synergy is higher, which also highlights the brand's Culture.

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