Pleated Slim Nude Yoga Top

Color: Trench

80% nylon, 20% spandex
For yoga, running, Pilates, pole and other machine workouts

1. Seamless weaving process, delicate and exposed, after the overall moisture absorption and perspiration blessing, the fabric is more comfortable and breathable!
2. Conjoined texture, the waistline curve of the chest and the contour of the chest are more 3D.
3. The side pleats are fashionable, which can better bring out the outline of the figure.
Culture has also broken the dullness of the overall color of the whole dress, making it more lively and dynamic!
4. The elastic band of the cuffs echoes the webbing of the waist and hem, and echoes the color. The overall synergy is higher, and it also highlights the brand's culture.

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