Blue Shadow Leopard Print Bra

Leopards are opportunistic hunters. Although they have excellent athletic ability, they prefer to feed themselves cleverly. Usually, they will stalk their prey first. With acute senses of hearing and vision, it is easy for them to find prey’s weakness. When the time is right, they bring death blow to prey. Inspired by leopards, we launched our Blue Shadow Leopard Print Bra which helps you to show the beauty of wildness. We hope you can be the leopard in the gym with our Blue Shadow Leopard Print Bra. 
  • Triple mesh fabric
  • Breathable & ultimate comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking & antimicrobial
  • 4-way stretch
  • Contain removable bra pads
  • Wide hem: avoiding ligature mark
  • Double cross back straps with strong supportability and stability
  • Material: 75% Recycled Polyester & 25% Spandex

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